Sammy is a best-selling author of 50+ fiction and non-fiction book titles that are both professionally and indie published.

Halloween’s Black Magick

Halloween’s Black Magick is the true story of Victor Barlow’s terrifying encounter with the Witch of Endor that took place in the Fall of 1987.

For the first time, occult scholar and paranormal researcher, Victor Barlow reveals his harrowing experience by publishing the Witch’s original grimoire that he regrettably took from her nearly thirty years ago.

Endor’s Grimoire is the most infamous of all magick books; its existence has eluded historians and researchers for centuries. Mr. Barlow has now broken his silence and finally made this compelling book available to the public.

Halloween’s Black Magick is an essential reference and permanent resource for anyone interested in the Witch of Endor and the black magick she practices. Book Information: 5.5 x 8.5 softcover paperback edition, photos and illustrations, 228 pages. Also available in Kindle Digital Edition. LEARN MORE

The Haunting of the Witch of Endor

The Haunting of the Witch of Endor is the true story of the occult scholar Victor Barlow’s terrifying encounter with the Witch of Endor, in the fall of 1987.

This cautionary story details Mr. Barlow’s horrific experience with the witch and the grimoire that he had regrettably taken from her nearly thirty years before.

The Witch of Endor’s Grimoire is the most infamous of all black magick books; its discovery has eluded historians and researchers for centuries. For those of you who wish to read and study Endor’s Grimoire, it can be found in Mr. Barlow’s first publication, titled “Halloween’s Black Magick.” LEARN MORE

Non-Fiction Books:

Mr. Franco has authored 50+ books. In fact, his first book, Street Lethal: Unarmed Urban Combat, released in 1989 by Paladin Press, was one of the first books published on the uncharted genre of reality based self defense (RBSD). Mr. Franco’s non-fiction publications include the following titles. Visit his Amazon Author Page to see more of his work.

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