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sammySammy Franco is one of the original pioneers of reality based martial arts and also one of most recognized authorities on both armed and unarmed combat. Highly regarded as a leading innovator in self-defense, Sammy Franco was one of the premier pioneers in both armed and unarmed combat.

Convinced of the limited usefulness of most martial arts in real street combat, Mr. Franco believes in the theory that the best way to change traditional thinking is to make antiquated ideas obsolete through analytical methodology. Sammy Franco has instructed thousands of students in his career as a martial arts maverick and innovator.

His innovative ideas have made a significant contribution to changing the thinking of many in the field about how people can best defend themselves against vicious and formidable street criminals. Simply put, he’s the guy the other “experts” come to for guidance and training.

cfa-logoMartial Arts Innovator:
Franco is the founder and creator of Contemporary Fighting Arts™ (CFA), a cutting-edge reality based martial arts system specifically designed for real world self-defense situations. Contemporary Fighting Arts has been the world’s leading authority for reality-based martial arts and self-defense training. His dynamic, “no nonsense” self-defense system integrates all of the essential elements of the martial arts with practical and effective life-saving combat skills and techniques.

Media & TV Appearances:
sammygym2003Sammy Franco has frequently been featured in the Washington Post and the Washington Times newspapers and appeared on radio and television programs, including the CBS television news magazine 48 HOURS (TV series) with Dan Rather as well as the Montel Williams Show. Mr. Franco is also frequently featured on Washington DC’s top news stations including: News Channel 8, NBC 4 News, Channel 9 News, and Fox 5 Morning News.

Magazine Publications:
Mr.Franco regularly authored self-defense articles for Black Belt magazine, Inside Karate, Inside Kung-Fu and several other national magazine publications.

Book Publications:
Mr. Franco has also published 50+ books. In fact, his first book, Street Lethal: Unarmed Urban Combat, released by Paladin Press, was one of the first books ever published on the uncharted genre of reality based self-defense (RBSD). 

Video Production:
Mr. Franco has also written, produced and starred in his own library of instructional videos. In fact, he’s produced the largest video library for any single martial art system, totaling an impressive 51 videos for his Contemporary Fighting Arts system.

Certified Master Instructor:  
Sammy Franco’s experience and credibility in the field of reality based self-defense is impressive. One of his many accomplishments in the field includes the fact that he has earned the ranking of a Law Enforcement Master Instructor with numerous instructional certifications.

He has designed, implemented, and taught officer survival training to members of the USBP, US Secret Service, Military Special Forces, Washington DC Police Department, Montgomery County, Maryland Deputy Sheriffs, and the US Library of Congress Police. 

Mr. Franco is a member of the prestigious International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA), American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) and he is listed in the “Who’s Who Director of Law Enforcement Instructors.” 

He is also a certified law enforcement instructor from a variety of agencies including the National Law Enforcement Training Center (NLTC). Mr. Franco is also a nationally certified firearms instructor (both police and civilian) who specializes in firearm safety, personal protection, and combat pistol shooting. 

Sammy Franco also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminology from the University of Maryland, College Park. He is a regularly featured speaker at a number of professional conferences, and conducts dynamic and enlightening seminars on numerous aspects of reality based self-defense.

Mr. Franco has instructed thousands of students in his career, including instruction on street fighting, grappling and ground fighting, close quarters combat (CQC), knife defense and knife fighting skills, multiple opponent survival skills, stick fighting skills and firearms training.

You can learn more about his unique martial art system by visiting the official Contemporary Fighting Arts website.

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